Ventura,  California


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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and honestly I'd rather put a picture here than write a bio about myself, but to serve the analytics of the world I will write a few words.

I'm an empath with a camera, I try to capture the emotion in nearly everything I shoot. I was born in LA and lived nomadically between the city and the sea. I find solitude and refuse through travel, or deep in the backcountry of snow capped mountains and with my little family. Although I must say the greatest gift I was ever given was love for the water and the ability to swim. Perhaps the greatest self found discovery was the medium of photography for capturing my language of visuals.

I was educated in Art at California State University Channel Islands following several years of working in Hollywood's film industry, I draw inspiration from both worlds and I'm constantly trying to push nuances of each into my work.  I have a nauseatingly hard work ethic, constantly keeping my nose to the grindstone looking for new or different opportunities. My most recent passion projects have been involved in volunteering for causes that inspire me, serving on a local environmental non-profit board and participating as a water photographer for A Walk on Water a charity that takes special needs kids surfing.

My goal is always trying to marry all of these interests into one cohesive world.

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